MASA vs. »Broadway« cinemas

Direct action for victory!

A member of our organisation – Petar S., who was an employee on a defined term in a company called »Broadway« cinemas in the city of Split as a ticket controller, according to the contract he signed, had to get his first payment by the 20th June 2008. His second payment was supposed to be payed by the 20th July 2008 but, the managment haven’t payed him the whole amount almost a month after the legal deadline. After long period of pulling back and forth, useless appeals to get what belongs to him, management's excuses that "he isn't the only one who hasn't got his salary, if that is somewhat comforting", he decided to ask our organization for help. The managment of Broadway was sent an official letter.

The management of ''Broadway'' cinemas ignored our letter in which we gave them 7 days deadline to pay the whole amount they owed to our member, so we started with the public campaign. A communication was sent to the media, in which the public was informed about the ''Broadway cinemas'' anti-labour policy, and it became a top-visited topic on the forum of the largest local web-portal. On Tuesday, August the 5th, we dispatched the flyers in front of the cinema during the most crowded shows, calling people for boycott of the ''Broadway cinemas'' until our demands are met. Also, a local daily paper got interested for the case, and they contacted us and the director of the ‘’Broadway kina’’ - which threatened to sue us. As the management got confronted with the possibility of a negative public image and obstruction of a regular functioning of the cinema, Petar’s salary instantly appeared on his bank account in its whole amount.

This particular action made it clear that the direct action and the worker’s solidarity are the most efficient response to the impudence and self-will of the bosses!

Network of anarcho-syndicalists (Mreža anarhosindikalista i anarhosindikalistkinja – MASA) from Croatia continues with its effort on creating non-hierarchical, rank-and-file unions without bureaucracy or any paid officials. By this we are maximizing the efficiency in defending our rights, we take the power back to our hands, we take control of our lives, we are putting the end on that same old master-servant relation, and we also create the cores that can use as a foundation for a different, truly self-managed and direct-democratic society.

It became apparent a long time ago that the bureaucracy of the trade-unions is a burden on the spine of the working class. It is a well paid apparatus that serves nothing but interest of ruling class in maintaining the status quo – namely, the horrible position we’re in. Today, when the whole world’s economy is about one and only mission – maximizing profit no matter what, at the cost of human dignity and the eco-systems of the Planet – we need a new strength, a strength that we can find in anarcho-syndicalism. Therefore, we invite everyone that have problems with their employers - be it not paying or denying rights – to contact us so that we can join together in our struggle.

Solidarity is the greatest strength of the working people – the largest social group!

Network of Anarcho-Syndicalists